IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers under the umbrella of the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Its members are focused on the development and the application of engineering concepts, systems and methods to provide new solutions to biological, medical and healthcare problems. IEEE EMBS is the leading publisher of original research in biomedical engineering with 11 technical journals and transactions, including the award-winning IEEE PULSE Magazine. Through its scientific conferences, EMBS members can present and share their research while interacting and engaging with industry experts, professors, biomedical engineers, clinicians, researchers and relevant policy makers. Encompassing fields of interest include:

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems
  • Biosignal Processing
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Medical Instrumentation and Sensors
  • MEMS and Nanotechnology
  • Neural Engineering
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Biorobotics
  • Biosystems Modeling
  • Computational Bioengineering and Bioinformatics 


IEEE EMBS’ Mission

The organization's mission includes:

  • advancing medicine and biology through the application of engineering sciences and technology
  • promoting the profession of biomedical engineering, fostering professional development and recognizing excellence
  • presenting conferences that bring together scientists, engineers and physicians from multiple disciplines to disseminate knowledge and solve complex problems
  • establishing technical standards
  • providing global leadership for the profession 


EMB IEEE Student Chapter AUTH

EMB IEEE Student Chapter AUTH, currently the largest EMB student chapter in Greece, is an interdisciplinary team of students coming from various backgrounds related to engineering and life sciences with the vision to promote the field of biomedical engineering in the students’ community. Our aim is to give the stimuli needed for students to understand and better engage with bioengineering technologies outside their faculty’s curriculum. We achieve this through a variety of scientific, technical and educational activities that include among others lectures and workshops in which participants learn to apply the concepts and methods of physical and engineering sciences in biology and medicine while expanding their spectrum of knowledge. These events are also an effort to bridge the gap between academia and professionals, create networking opportunities for students and getting them acquainted with emerging technologies that will influence future advances in biomedical engineering and healthcare technology. Furthermore, students can challenge themselves and test their abilities in hackathons and competitions, learn to cooperate, be part of interdisciplinary teams and get inspired to innovate. Our mission is therefore to provide our members and the entire students’ community with access to the people, practices, information, ideas and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest growing fields in science! Benefits of the members:

  • Be Part of the World’s Largest Professional Organization for Biomedical Engineers
  • Host and participate in EMB events, lectures, workshops and hackathons
  • Access to EMBS Publications online through IEEExplore
  • Subscription to scientific magazines like the award-winning IEEE Pulse and IEEE Spectrum
  • Participate in Student Paper Competitions to present your work
  • Discounts and Invitations in esteemed conferences all around the world
  • Networking and employment opportunities through the interaction with experts, researchers and engineers of the field
  • Attend EMBS Summer Schools for Students and expand your knowledge